Preparation of the WeRLearnin Approach

Dr. Kristina Detelj

The WeRin research team, led by the University of Zagreb, Faculty of the Organization and Informatics with partners Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Istanbul Technical University, and Munster Technological University, Ireland are working on the Design and Deployment phase of the project.

Under this phase, the project partners will design and create the WeRLearnin Approach. The first step was to collaborate and develop the WeRin principles. The project consortium has defined six principles: 100% Inclusivity, Relatable Role Models, a Realistic Picture of Entrepreneurship, Opportunity-Driven Entrepreneurship, Visibility of Support & Finance, and Structural Change.

According to these principles, all partners researched and collated educational resources such as documents, videos and courses. The work package leaders, the University of Zagreb, Faculty of the Organization and Informatics are currently working with the dissemination partners Momentum to design and develop the WeRIn Knowledge Port. It will be used to store and consolidate these open access educational resources (OERs) and develop a WeRIn Toolbox, which will support educators and managers in implementing the general WeRLearnin Approach.

The WeRIn Knowledge Port, which will be hosted as a free platform within the project WeRin website, will be used by entrepreneurship educators, mentors, and students to test and validate the WeRin Toolbox and WeRLearnin approach. Stay tuned for the launch of the Knowledge Port on the project website this spring!

WeRin Knowledge Port

Welcome to the WeRin Knowledge Portal. We have created a dedicated online space for educational resources such as teaching guides, videos, papers, websites, quizzes, tools, case studies and more to support the WeRin core Principles. These resources, which were researched by the WeRin partners, are freely available to download and guide entrepreneurship educators, directors of entrepreneurship programmes in HEIs and non-academic organisations in the entrepreneurial ecosystem..

WeRin Toolbox


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