WeRLearnin Approach

The WeRLearnin Approach

An innovative and Inclusive Learning Approach for female students in higher education and graduate aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Based on the research and discussions of different stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystems, we designed and developed an Innovative and Inclusive Learning Approach for Women Entrepreneurship, conceptualised hereafter as the WeRLearnin Approach.

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International WeRLearnin Webinar

With project leader, Dr. Sue Rossano-Rivero

In the scope of the Urban Futures and Education event series promoted by the project Urban Goodcamp, the team held a fireside chat, on November 28th 2023, about supporting women entrepreneurs in becoming better integrated into their ecosystems, with: – Dr. Sue Rossano-Rivero: Managing Director at Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre.


An International Think-tank and five local Think-tanks with experts sharing advice and ideas in each of the partners’ regions.

Guiding principles and assumptions to design inclusive entrepreneurship education and support programmes.

An innovative and inclusive educational approach on entrepreneurship.

A toolbox containing material produced in the Research and Discovery Stage and educational resources compiled by the partners.

An online platform used as a repository of all results and research instruments.