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Research in women entrepreneurship, gender inclusivity and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems

The WeRin Toolbox - Empowering Educators and Mentors in Female Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the WeRin Toolbox – your go-to educational resource hub designed exclusively for educators and mentors in both academic and non-academic settings. Unlock the potential of female students and propel their entrepreneurial journey beyond the confines of the university with our comprehensive collection of tools and resources. Join us in shaping a future where female empowerment takes centre stage in the entrepreneurial landscape.

WeRin Toolbox

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Within it, we showcase successful female Role Model entrepreneurs already embedded in the regional ecosystem. By highlighting tenacious, ambitious and resourceful female entrepreneur role models and sharing their realistic advice on how they are succeeding, despite existing barriers, we take a step toward strengthening female graduate entrepreneur inclusiveness.

Prepared by AUAS, FH Münster and MTU on behalf of the Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (WeRin)  Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance the Good Practices report provides a cross-practice analysis of 12 good practices and 13 webinars that foster an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe. The analysis is based on input from five different regions in Europe: Germany, Turkey, Ireland, Croatia, and the Netherlands.

The WeRin Knowledge Portal houses educational resources including teaching guides, videos, papers, websites, quizzes, tools, case studies and more to support the WeRin core Principles. These researched resources are freely available to download and guide entrepreneurship educators, directors of entrepreneurship programmes in HEIs and non-academic organisations through the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Train-the-Trainer handbook is designed for entrepreneurship educators/support managers to develop the pedagogical skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to use the WeRin Toolbox and deliver the WeRin programme.