Join Our WeRin Community of Practice

Our vibrant WeRin Community of Practice (CoP) invites YOU to become part of our dynamic and thriving network. Our mission is to foster an environment where individuals like YOU can openly exchange their knowledge, skills, mindsets, research and educational activities related to the themes of gender and inclusivity in entrepreneurship with other like-minded people.

The WeRin Community of Practice (WeRin CoP) includes all WeRin partners and over 900 members in our LinkedIn community. It is created to encourage the members to share their knowledge and skills, mindsets and research and educational activities related to gender and inclusivity in entrepreneurship in education and beyond.

Everyone is welcome to join our Community of Practice, as a member you can:

  • Gain access to an online community boasting nearly 1,000 like-minded individuals spanning the breadth of Europe.
  • Benefit from peer learning.
  • Exclusive events hosted online by our Partner Institutions.
  • Participation in discussions as well as access to any materials produced for the events.
  • Opportunity to showcase your news, publications, or events on female entrepreneurship, diversity, and inclusion to an audience that values your insights.

The WeRin Community of Practice helps promote diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship education not only to education institutions but also to other primary stakeholders in the ecosystem. The WeRin partners are organising activities related to gender, inclusivity and entrepreneurship every three months and these will vary from guest speakers, research pieces, blogs, interviews and more with the format being written or hybrid for presentations for the widest reach.


If you’re eager to join our WeRin Community of Practice, simply visit our LinkedIn page and become a valued member of our inclusive community. We eagerly anticipate your arrival and look forward to welcoming you! For any questions, please contact us.