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Welcome to the WeRin Knowledge Portal. We have created a dedicated online space for educational resources such as teaching guides, videos, papers, websites, quizzes, tools, case studies and more to support the WeRin core Principles. These resources, which were researched by the WeRin partners, are freely available to download and guide entrepreneurship educators, directors of entrepreneurship programmes in HEIs and non-academic organisations in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Principle: 100% Inclusivity

View 100% Inclusivity resources HERE.

Principle: Relatable Role Models

View Relatable Role Model resources HERE.

Principle: Realistic Picture of Entrepreneurship

View Realistic Picture of Entrepreneurship resources HERE.

Principle: Opportunity Driven Entrepreneurship

View Opportunity Driven Entrepreneurship resources HERE.

Principle: Visibility of Support & Finance

View Visibility of Support & Finance resources HERE.

Principle: Structural Ecosystem Change

View Structural Ecosystem Change resources HERE.

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