Knowledge Creation

Knowledge Creation is a dynamic work programme that includes the application of the WeRLearnIn Principles

WeRLearnIn are the guiding principles and assumptions on what to design inclusive entrepreneurship education and support programmes that feed into the design of the Innovative and Inclusive Learning Approach for Women Entrepreneurship, called the WeRLearnIn Approach and WeRin Toolbox. All educational resources will be stored in the WeRIn Knowledge Portal.



An International Think-tank and five local Think-tanks with experts sharing advice and ideas in each of the partners’ regions.

WeRLearnIn Principles

Guiding principles and assumptions to design inclusive entrepreneurship education and support programmes.

WeRLearnIn Approach

An innovative and inclusive educational approach on entrepreneurship.

WeRin Toolbox

A toolbox containing material produced in the Research and Discovery Stage and educational resources compiled by the partners.

WeRin Knowledge Portal

An online platform used as a repository of all results and research instruments.