Our Approach is focused on a critical ambition.

To gain a robust academic foundation from which to design more inclusive academic and non-academic entrepreneurship education and support programmes to enhance the inclusivity of regional entrepreneurial ecosystems and female entrepreneurs’ embeddedness.

Check out the WeRin Pathway for our project overview.

WeRin Pathway

Drawing on the scientific and policy literature published in the past ten years, we present the most comprehensive insights into entrepreneurship education developments and entrepreneurial ecosystems that have a specific focus on gender inclusivity. Armed with this expansive Literature Review, our research team, led by AUAS with partners UNIZG, ITUFH MünsterMTU, identified the particular drivers and barriers of gender inclusivity of entrepreneurship and how both curriculum/programme developers and participants have responded.

In these five Regional Scans women’s entrepreneurship is analysed within the context of inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems. The reports present a comprehensive analysis of the degree of inclusivity of key entrepreneurship education and support programs offered by the academic and non-academic partners in the regions of Germany, Ireland, Croatia, Turkey and the Netherlands.

The WeRLearnin Approach is an innovative and inclusive learning approach for female students in higher education and graduate aspiring women entrepreneurs.

The WeRin Principles are the guiding principles and assumptions for how we designed an inclusive entrepreneurship education and support programme.