WeRin Final Coordination Meeting

By Maynara Furquim, FH Münster University of Applied Sciences

The Final Coordination Meeting of the WeRin project took place on December 7th and 8th 2023 in Münster, Germany. Organised by FH Münster University of Applied Sciences and hosted at REACH – EUREGIO Start-up Centre, the partner universities, the regional partners, and international institutes came together to discuss the final steps of the project.

The WeRin consortium for the Final Coordination Meeting in Münster

The meeting covered all Work Packages, reviewing the project’s outputs, reflecting on recent activities performed (Pilot Testing sessions, Local capacity building sessions, and events), and planning the few remaining deliverables. FH Münster, as the lead partner through the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, covered some administrative aspects that are key for the delivery of the final report.

Members of each partner institution valuably contributed to the meeting by addressing their specific project results. This included the successful completion of most of the project deliverables, such as the Good Practice Webinar series and Role Models, with only a few details left to be covered, with the finalisation of the set of criteria for accreditation of inclusive entrepreneurial education approaches and the evaluation report, to wrap up the project.

There was also active discussion about showcasing the project to key stakeholders, to validate WeRin and gather feedback on the project resources and its impact. ECWT (European Centre for Women and Technology), the Norwegian partner of WeRin, will take over this initiative and organise a round table with global experts and invite the WeRin partners to cooperate in the exchange.

The consortium also took part in a second sustainability workshop, led by UIIN, in which they explored the future possibilities for WeRin after the official time frame of the project is over. Based on the results of the first sustainability workshop (held online in April 2023), all partners collaborated individually and in groups on how the project can stay alive, and what the partners would like to do to support this. UIIN will produce a report with the results from both workshops, hence, the partners consider what was discussed and keep talking about the options to act soon to sustain the project results further.

The WeRin partners during the sustainability workshop

There was still time for catching up and networking in between the sessions over the two days. Following the first day of the meeting, the partners gathered for a trip to Münster Christmas markets to enjoy together some typical German delicatessens from the holiday season.

The WeRin project is officially coming to a close, but it will certainly continue. Our results generated a meaningful impact throughout the regions and will keep doing so. We appreciate all stakeholders who got involved and supported us in our research during the last three years – thank you. We are grateful and proud of the powerful collaborations the WeRin project has brought. Follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned, there is more to come!