Capacity Building Programme

This phase includes preparing and delivering a Capacity Building Programme for Entrepreneurship Educators/Support Managers to develop the pedagogical skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to use the WeRin Toolbox, to deliver the WeRLearnin Approach as well as developing virtual study tours among partners’ best practices in the form of webinars.

Capacity Building Programme & Handbook

WeRin Principles

100% Inclusivity

Relatable Role Models

Realistic Picture of Entrepreneurship

Opportunity Driven Entrepreneurship

Visibility of Support & Finance

Structural Ecosystem Change


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Capacity Building Programme & Handbook

A program and handbook for Entrepreneurship Educators/Support program managers to develop the pedagogical skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to use the WeRin Toolbox and to deliver the WeRLearnin Approach.

Capacity Building Sessions

Entrepreneurship educators and Entrepreneurship programmes managers will be trained in the use of the WeRin Toolbox. Training will be delivered in the form of Capacity Building Sessions (CBS) at an international and regional level.


Produced on regional best practices to increase knowledge and promote inclusive entrepreneurial education and support programmes.