The WeRin Knowledge Port: A Virtual Platform to Foster Female Entrepreneurship

The WeRin project is proud to announce the launch of the WeRin Knowledge Port, a virtual platform of essential resources to learn about inclusive female entrepreneurship. These open educational resources support the implementation of teaching and learning strategies in higher education programmes.

The materials contained in the WeRin Knowledge Port allow blended and independent learning for students and mentors, entrepreneurship educators and directors of entrepreneurship programmes in academic and non-academic institutions.

The materials are organised around the six WeRin Principles designed to foster inclusive entrepreneurship education and support programs:

  • 100% Inclusivity
  • Relatable role models
  • Realistic picture of entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity-driven entrepreneurship
  • Visibility of support and finance
  • Structural ecosystem change

Each of these core principles is supported by teaching guides, videos, case studies, papers, quizzes, tools, and other open resources with easy access. These resources are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, enabling users to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to support female entrepreneurs.

Research shows that women entrepreneurs face unique challenges, including limited access to capital, gender biases, and limited access to networks and resources (See WeRin Literature Review). These challenges can hinder their ability to start and grow successful businesses, which has a significant impact on the economy and society.

Higher education institutions and entrepreneurship support programmes have a critical role to play in promoting and supporting female entrepreneurship. They can provide the necessary resources and support to overcome the challenges women face and succeed in their ventures. Through initiatives such as the WeRin Knowledge Port, academic and non-academic institutions can promote inclusive entrepreneurship and create a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs.

Supporting female entrepreneurship can help to promote economic growth and development. Women entrepreneurs are essential contributors to the economy, and supporting their ventures can help to create jobs and drive economic growth.

Additionally, promoting female entrepreneurship can help to address gender inequality. By providing the necessary resources and support, higher education institutions can help to create a more even playing field for women entrepreneurs, promoting gender equality and empowering women to achieve their full potential.

Furthermore, supporting female entrepreneurship can help to promote innovation and creativity. Women entrepreneurs bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table, and by supporting their ventures, higher education institutions can foster innovation and creativity, driving growth and development.

Accordingly, with a diverse range of materials that include each of the WeRin Principles, the WeRin Knowledge Port provides a comprehensive learning experience that can help to overcome the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs.

We invite you to check out our free-to-use platform to find inspiration for supporting female entrepreneurs.