Introducing the Good Practice Webinar Collection

The question that drives WeRin is, how can we enhance the inclusivity of regional entrepreneurial ecosystems and improve the embeddedness of women entrepreneurs?  We address this question through the design of more inclusive academic and non-academic entrepreneurship education and support programmes.

With the launch of the Good Practice Webinar Collection, we present a series of short webinars that include real-life stories, challenges and solutions experienced by female entrepreneurs across Europe. The webinar series, which forms part of the educational WeRin Toolbox, provides valuable inspiration and insights as well as bringing to life examples of local Good Practices on inclusive entrepreneurial education programmes.

The development of the webinar series was led by lecturer and researcher Saskia Stoker, and her team at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). The 13 webinars include a selection of Good Practices identified in the previously published Good Practices Report. These Good Practices foster an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe and draw on the experiences of female students and female entrepreneurs from The Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Turkey and Germany. Learn about the challenges that are found across all the regions as well as more region-specific issues and the steps taken to overcome those challenges.

The webinars look at female entrepreneurship from the perspective of empowering student entrepreneurs, empowering female entrepreneurs and changing the ecosystem.

These Good Practices were identified that match women entrepreneurs’ needs at different stages within their entrepreneurial journey, from educational empowerment to systemic changes. On the one hand, these good practices provide insights into good practices already applied by various ecosystem stakeholders and networks. On the other hand, it provides insights into the need to improve the regional ecosystem.

So, join our host, Saskia Stoker, and watch the webinar series here to help support and inspire you on your entrepreneurial journey.