Introducing the changemakers

Meet our successful female role model entrepreneurs and change makers embedded in the regional ecosystem.

As part of the WeRin research and discovery phase, we identified regionally embedded female role models in key partner regions. We are delighted to present three Role Model Profiles flipbooks, the first of which showcases 10 successful female role model entrepreneurs already embedded in the regional ecosystem.

By highlighting tenacious, ambitious and resourceful female entrepreneur role models and sharing their realistic advice on how they are succeeding, despite existing barriers, we take a step to strengthening female graduate entrepreneur inclusiveness.

Our real-world research puts a spotlight on some fascinating women entrepreneurs based in Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Croatia and the Netherlands. Melanie Rieback (Radically Open Security), who co-founded the world’s first not-for-profit computer security consultancy company shares with us her inspiration and advice. Social entrepreneur Marian Spier (IAMarian and FEM-START) brings us through her entrepreneurial journey with two companies and we fully agree with her motto, “Everything is possible”.

The interviews, conducted by female students and aspiring female entrepreneurs offer great learning for entrepreneurial education. Our interview teams gain firsthand knowledge about the entrepreneurial journey and have access to hands-on support and advice from a wide variety of experienced, inspiring and motivating role models.

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