Principle - 100% Inclusivity

  • Targeting gender barriers and obstacles for women entrepreneurs with a view to fostering wider inclusivity 
  • Promoting inclusive and diverse entrepreneurship in the system and in networks (cooperation and equality of all)
  • Raising awareness of hidden biases.

Documents & Articles

Wilkinson (2021) Mind The Gap – How Today’s Female Entrepreneurs Are Tackling Gender Inequality

Investigates the potential reasons behind the gap. Reports show that female entrepreneurs are much more likely to cite ‘personal reasons’ when closing their business than actual failure or bankruptcy. Lack of childcare and domestic support, as well as major struggles with funding, are forcing women out of work – even when they’re the boss.

Frontier Incubators & Asia Women Impact Fund (2019) Gender Lens Incubation and Acceleration Toolkit: Supporting intermediaries to be more inclusive of all genders

An interactive resource that equips intermediaries with the mindset, strategies, and frameworks to amend and improve both the organisation and program to increase accessibility and inclusivity of all genders.
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Workshops / Courses / Online tools / Quizzes

Networks & Initiatives