Principle - Opportunity Driven Entrepreneurship

  • Changing the narratives that describe entrepreneurship from solo hero to ecosystem networks and the resource providers
  • Including broader aims of entrepreneurship, such as sustainability, social mission, and value creation instead of focusing only on profit & business growth

Documents & Articles

Crawford (2019) Three ways to make innovation more inclusive for women

Crawford’s article explains three ways to make innovation more gender inclusive, by creating and investing in more inclusive programs, creating the right culture and encouraging generational diversity.

Workshops / Courses / Online tools / Quizzes

Networks & Initiatives

Initiative: Entrepreneurship Initiative – Nijmegen School of Management

The Entrepreneurship Initiative at NSM aims to stimulate the kind of entrepreneurial thinking in education programs and research, taking both the entrepreneur and the context into account. Entrepreneurship is generally seen as a driving force behind innovation, competition and economic growth.