WeRIn Inspires Inclusivity at SWIBN Event

By Samantha Carty, EU Project Specialist, Momentum. 

At a recent Sligo Women in Business Network (SWIBN) monthly meeting, project partners Momentum Educate + Innovate had the privilege of sharing the WeRin project with guest speaker, Maria Walsh, MEP.

Maria Walsh
Maria Walsh

Maria Walsh delivered a compelling address centered on the significance of challenging stereotypes, building networks, and serving as a role model. She reminded the audience of the mantra, “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it,” underlining the critical role visibility plays in empowering women in various fields. Maria’s insights aligned seamlessly with the vision and objectives of the WeRin project, which is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in entrepreneurship education and support programs.

A notable aspect of Maria Walsh’s address was her call to action for female entrepreneurs to leverage their voices to drive positive changes for women in business, especially in anticipation of the upcoming European elections in June next year. This resonated strongly with WeRin’s mission to create a more inclusive landscape for entrepreneurship.

Samantha Carty, representing the WeRin project, took the opportunity to introduce the initiative to the group of female entrepreneurs including the Local Enterprise Office. She highlighted the Change Makers role model series, showcasing inspiring female entrepreneurial journeys, and the webinar series that highlights Good Practices. Attendees were encouraged to explore the WeRin Toolbox and Knowledge Port of valuable resources freely available to female entrepreneurs and educators through the project’s website: https://werinproject.eu/

The warm welcome extended by Fran Best and Maeve McCormack at the lunchtime event, hosted by Brenda Cawley of Europe Direct Sligo, created a positive atmosphere. Janine van Someren PhD added a mindful touch to the gathering by sharing a moment of reflection called ‘Build a Moat,’ emphasizing the importance of creating dedicated time and space each day to achieve a better work-life balance.

The work undertaken by SWIBN, the WeRin project, as well as the valuable insights shared by MEP Maria Walsh, underscore the commitment to empowering and supporting women in business, creating a more inclusive and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem across Europe.