Meet the Partners: UIIN

UIIN is an international leader in university-industry engagement, entrepreneurial & engaged universities, and knowledge transfer. UIIN is dedicated to advancing the future of higher education institutions and supporting their global community of university-industry professionals. They conduct research, organise events and provide training and consultancy services to our community of +80 organisational and 500+ individual members. Founded in 2012, UIIN responded to a developing need within university-industry interaction moving away from the linear process of technology transfer and a shift toward a more holistic and strategic approach by all stakeholders involved. With their consulting offerings, professional training, and events, the UIIN team actively convert research into practice and support universities, business, and government in developing stronger and more strategic relationships, more future-oriented institutions and ultimately building a knowledge society for a better tomorrow.

Within the WeRin project, UIIN will design the Sustainability and Valorisation agenda and execution of the project. UIIN is also well positioned to effectively support and facilitate the dissemination and promotion of the project and its results. As a prominent network organization, UIIN has a unique ability to understand and bring together entrepreneurship education and business. With access to key contacts in academia and industry, and with various communication and distribution channels reaching a large variety of European stakeholders, UIIN will ensure that the value created will also be effectively exploited.

Project Officer : Jose Villagran-Polo