A strong project needs a strong identity

Let’s hear from our dissemination partner Momentum Educate + Innovate, on the background to their development of our brand identity.

The concept for WeRIn emerged from compelling research evidence for the need for Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Inclusive Ecosystems.  Grounded in that title, project branding is essential to provide a foundation from which we can tell our project story. This brand needs to be remarkable. Yes, it needs to look amazing and stand out, but it also needs to embrace and communicate our values of inclusiveness, progressive and collective energy, and intent to create a fairer environment in our regional ecosystems where female graduates and alumni can flourish in their entrepreneurial endeavours. The Momentum team, led by lead designer Gillian Keane, set about their mission to develop a series of brand options with all partners.  There was a clear favourite from the outset. The brand combines

  • A warm yet contemporary font in black for simplicity and strength with a pop of colour on the ‘i’ for emphasis.
  • A striking colour combination. It is said that purple is associated with knowledge, and it is the colour of the women’s movement.  Yellow is the colour of enlightenment, while orange was added to symbolise energy.  The design team went deep with the shade of pink adopted; the deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits!
  • Inclusion is represented through different parts of the ecosystem convening around the word in. Different shapes and sizes represent the different dynamics that emanate from our inner circle.
  •  The word WeRin is moving into the vacant white of the circle.

Samantha Carty, Momentum’s lead for WeRin, explains, “Branding is about creating an emotional connection between our project and our key target audiences.  A strong brand not only gives a sense of identity, but it also helps us create a community of invested users, beneficiaries and advocates for WeRin.”

The brand is particularly suited to movement and energy. Hence, the Momentum team developed an animated version to be used across various marketing channels.

See the brand in action across our social media channels:

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