Tricia Balfe

I co-founded a software company in 2007 with a ‘pure technology’ idea. I had no background in product management or sales. Now we sell our product in three continents.

Business Name


Ireland & Finland

Year started as entrepreneur


Number of employees


Highest level of education


My Targets Are

I want the business to grow and I want the business to be good for its employees, customers and investors/owners.

My Challenges Are

Figuring out how to navigate a world that is dominated by very large companies.

What Charactarises Me

1. Independent
2. Tenacious

Brands That Inspire Me


Role Models That Inspire Me

Angela Merkel and people I know personally who have run businesses through good and bad times.

Networks You're Involved In

Bank payments related networks internationally

Advice To Girls and Women Who Want To Realise Their Dreams

1. If you want to do something, go for it.
2. Listen to others but do what you think is right yourself and be patient.
3. Many, many successful people worry that they are not good enough. You won’t know whether you are good enough until you try.

When I'm not Working

Family and food. I enjoy outdoor stuff: walking, cycling, swimming, gardening. Reading of all sorts, and music.

My Motto Is:

Keep on going!