Jalila Essaidi

My strong network and entrepreneurial up bringing helped me develop valuable and successful projects and outputs, such as ‘Bulletproof Skin’ and Mestic® I founded two companies Inspidere® BV and BioArt Laboratories during my entrepreneurial journey I draw inspiration from nature and I believe that everything society needs can be found in natural products and processes.

Business Name


Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Year started as entrepreneur


Number of employees


Highest level of education


My Targets Are

1. Make the world a healthier and more beautiful place
2. Have long term impact

My Challenges Are

Short-term solutions to problems are not viable and policy needs to think longer term.

What Charactarises Me

1. Independent
2. Tenacious
3. Proud

Brands That Inspire Me

None at the moment.

Role Models That Inspire Me

I get my inspiration from nature and natural processes and materials.

Networks You're Involved In

I have a network of strong women that helped me and showed me the way.

Advice To Girls and Women Who Want To Realise Their Dreams

1. It is important to find a strong network and use the network to ask for help from mentors and others with experience.
2. Take a chance and “jump” into the project that you want to develop.
3. A good idea is the most important part of the entrepreneurial journey.

When I'm not Working

I am always working.

My Motto Is:

Exploring boundaries by piercing barriers!