Christina Calje

Before Autheos, I was in a COO leadership role of a venture backed company, Peerby It made me really yearn for more of an ownership component I was approached to co found Autheos and that gave me a different type of freedom to create a product that I thought was missing in the market and could also align with some of my personal ambitions for the marketing and advertising industry.

Business Name


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Year started as entrepreneur


Number of employees


Highest level of education


My Targets Are

To expand my network and connect with other people who share similar values to mine from a societal impact perspective, and looking to create more equity in the world from a gender, ethnicity and socio economic point of view.

My Challenges Are

Learning to cope with the highs and lows of maintaining a company and making it work. Making the right decisions and figuring out what the right pricing, clients and markets are.

What Charactarises Me

1. Ambitious
2. Resourceful

Brands That Inspire Me


Role Models That Inspire Me

Jessica Alba
Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Lopez

Networks You're Involved In

Meetup – an easy way to find groups of people with whom you can establish a mutually beneficial relationship to discuss issues and learn.

Advice To Girls and Women Who Want To Realise Their Dreams

1. We are our own worst enemies sometimes. Don’t let the fear of what someone else thinks deter you from the path of what you want to become.
2. Have a positive mindset, this will bring you so much energy and confidence and allow you to take the first step.
3. Share your thoughts and ambitions with other people, this will help you find people that can support you either through collaboration or with advice.

When I'm not Working

I love reading. I work on making myself better from a professional perspective. I love watching cooking videos, reading cookbooks, experimenting in my kitchen or chatting with friends. I recently started to meditate more often and have more time to self-reflect.

My Motto Is:

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.